Release Notes for PlanetPress Suite Version 7.6.2

The following is a list of last minute issues, features and documentation notes.

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Important notices

System Requirements (back to top)

Minimum Configuration
Recommended Configuration
Supported Operating Systems
Note 1: For the above Operating Systems, make sure to read the installation section of the Known Issues for below. 
Note 2: When applicable, both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the above environments are supported.
Note 3: *** While Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 R2 are supported, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 are not.
Note 4: *** Capturing print jobs may not work properly if the job was printed through a Metro-style application. This is due to the changes in the printing architecture starting with Windows 8/2012. These jobs files are stored in the spooler in XPS format. A future improvement will include an XPS to PDF conversion to allow these jobs to be captured and processed as well.
Note 5: Anoto Pen Director 2.8 is not supported on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10, or any other more recent versions


Support for Windows Server 2016/2019/2022
PlanetPress Suite 7.6.2 (version released on 13th November 2015) was certified for Windows Server 2016 in May 2018, Windows Server 2019 in June 2021 and Windows Server 2022 in May 2023 with the following exceptions:

The following issues were also found during certification testing but are applicable to all supported operating systems:

These will remain known issues.

Supported Virtual Environments
Important note on virtual environments
Starting with version 7.5.1, PlanetPress Suite is able to detect a number of virtual environments in addition to the ones listed above. To check whether your own virtual environment is properly detected, just launch PlanetPress Design and look at the main window's caption bar. If it states PlanetPress Design for your_virtual_environment, it means the virtual environment was successfully detected, which in turn means that PlanetPress Suite should not run into de-activation issues caused by rebooting the server or moving the virtual image to another server. Note, however, that successful detection of a virtual environment not listed above does not mean it is officially supported. It simply means that if the virtualization server does a good job of virtualizing (!), then there's no reason the application should not behave the same as when running on a physical server, but that Objectif Lune has not yet been able to certify the application runs properly under that specific environment. 
In addition to the list above, the following environments should be detected properly (but are not yet officially supported): Virtual-PC, VirtualBox, Parallels, KVM, Xen, Bochs-based and Wine.

Changes in  (back to top)


Notable new features and improvements

Notable fixes 



Additional documentation (back to top)

PlanetPress Design Tool

Known Issues (back to top)

Internal RIP
PlanetPress Design Tool
PlanetPress Workflow Tool
PlanetPress Imaging